Neighborhood BLITZ Packages

Want To Dominate ANY Neighborhood Or Local Market? Our Neighborhood BLITZ packages get you multiple touches with homeowners in your area within 72 hours! Perfect for Storm Affected Areas, Gated Communities or Leveraging Previous Jobs.

Packages starting at just $2 Per Door  

Whats Included In Your Blitz 

 1. List of Homeowners:

Every campaign starts with a homeowner list in your target area. You decide how many doors to target. Your list will include Name, Address, and Cell Phone Number of the homeowners within the storm path that you target with your blitz campaign

2. Ringless Voicemail Blitz:

Every Homeowner on your list will receive a ringless voicemail within 2 hours of your Blitz campaign being triggered. The ringless voicemail is the first of four touches in your Blitz campaign. Ringless voicemails will warm up customers and start to generate leads BEFORE you (or your competitors) start knocking on doors.

3.Custom Postcard Blitz:

Your custom postcard campaign is designed immediately after you sign up for your Blitz campaign package, and then it is stored until you are ready to initiate your Blitz. Every homeowner on your list will receive a postcard within 2 days of your Blitz being initiated. Depending on when you start knocking in an area, homeowners will already have a postcard from your company in their hands. The results of your mail campaigns are accessible and trackable inside your Dope360 Dashboard

4. Facebook Custom Audience:

You’re smart, you don’t need anyone to run your Facebook ads for you. What you DO NEED is the right custom audience to upload into Facebook. Included in your Blitz Package is a custom audience of the same homeowners that are going to receive your Postcard and Ringless Voicemails to upload into Facebook. We recommend you record a video of you holding the same postcard the homeowners will receive (we will send you one first), and run this video to this custom audience on Facebook. We can provide assistance with this step. 

What Does This All Cost?

Exclusivity is available for 10,000+ Doors 

# Of Doors  Cost
1,000 $2.00 Per Door
5,000 $1.50 Per Door
10,000+  $1.25 Per Door


Have Questions About Your Neighborhood Blitz? 

Send an email to and we can discuss your next Neighborhood Blitz package


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Ringless Voicemail
Custom Postcard Blitz
Facebook Ads Blitz
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