New Homeowner BLITZ Packages

Are you tired of going after the same old prospects and looking for a fresh pool of leads?

Want to target NEW Home Buyers and NEW Home Owners in your local service area?

With our New Homebuyer Blitz Packages, you can target NEW Homebuyers in your service area… every month like clockwork!

New Home Buyers Spend between $8,000 to $12,000 within 3 months of moving!

Make sure that your business is the FIRST business these New Homebuyers know about!

Target New Movers by Zip Code, County OR Location from Your Office/Service Area With The Dope Marketing New Homebuyer Blitz! 

List Of New Homeowners – Monthly
Custom Postcard Templates For Your Business
Monthly Postcard Mailing
Area Exclusivity Available – Per Industry


Whats Included In Your New Home Buyer Blitz?

1. List of New Homeowners In Your Targeted Zip Codes

Every campaign starts with a new homeowner list in your target area. You decide how many doors you want to target, per County or Zip Code. You will get a “count” on how many New Homeowners move into your area, per zip code, per month. The list will include Name, Address, and Phone Number(Where available) per homeowner within the area that you want to target New Homeowners.

2. Monthly Postcard Blitz – Win The Race To The Door

New Homebuyers in your area will receive a custom postcard from your business, once per month, for a total of 3 months. The idea is that your company will be THE COMPANY that the new homeowner calls or contacts for the services you provide because you were the first company they were exposed to!

Don’t let your competition gain the business of valuable new homebuyers in your area! These New Homebuyers will spend money with your business for years!

Did You Know That… 

  • An average of $9,700 is spent within 90 days by New Home Buyers after a home is purchased in the United States.
  • 81% of New Home Buyers try new products and services from local businesses within 30 days after buying a new home.
  • 83% of New Movers redeem coupons from businesses within 14 days of a move
  • 63% of New Movers change their service provider and 42% upgrade their service within 60 days of moving
  • According to the United States Postal Service, 70% to 90% of New Move-ins are families new to the area.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with a DOPE Marketing Coach and find out just how many new home owners are moving into your area today!

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