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New Movers Spend between $8,000 to $12,000 within 3 months of moving! THEY SHOULD SPEND THIS WITH YOU

Target New Movers by Zip Code, Mail Carrier Route OR Location from Your Office/Service Area

Our team will help you target the New Movers in YOUR area to help get THE BEST results from your New Mover Mailings 


Did You Know That… 

  • $9,700 is spent before and after a move. Renters spend only about $4,000.
  • 81% of New Movers try new products and services from local businesses
  • 83% of New Movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after a move.
  • 63% of New Movers change their service provider and 42% upgrade their service
  • According to the United States Postal Service, 70% to 90% of New Move-ins are families new to the area

Here’s How Our New Mover Program Works:  


Step 1: Get A List of NEW MOVERS in YOUR Area  

Our team has a WEEKLY Feed on New Homeowners who have moved into your local area. Select the Zip Codes, Mail Routes or Mile Radius from your Business that you would like to target New Movers. 

Add More Filters to your New Mover Data like;  Homeowners, Income, FICO Score, Parents w/ Children, Plus much more.

Step 2: Choose From Our Postcard Templates OR Use Your Own   

Need your New Mover postcard or mail piece designed? No worries! You have a few options for the design process to start.

1. Chose from one of our Custom Templates

2. Work with our in house design team to come up with the perfect piece

3. Use a design or postcard you have from a previous campaign. Go ahead and make it easy on us… we don’t mind


Step 3: Your Mail Pieces Are Printed and Processed For Shipping 

New Mover orders include FULL SERVICE Printing, Postage, Mailing and Delivery through the USPS. 

What do you have to do for your campaigns to start? Nothing. Literally,  absolutely nothing.

Sit back, relax, run your business, and get S%#t done. While you are handling the day to day, we are processing and completing your custom postcards through design, printing and mailing to your customers homes or businesses; Hands free and without a hiccup in the process.  

Step 4: Your Postcards Are Stamped, Mailed and Tracked For Delivery

All Direct Mail campaigns sent through our New Mover Program are sent and tracked through our partnership and integration with the United States Postal Service(USPS).

Pro Tip on Direct Mail: Mail is tracked across the United States using imb Digits. These imb Digits are those funny looking barcodes located on all the mail that is delivered to your home. Dope360 uses these barcodes to make sure that the mail we sent for you actually reaches the homes that you wanted to mail. The final destination barcode on your postcards are scanned prior to the mail is delivered by the USPS to ensure the best delivery reposting possible.  

It’s 2019. Technology is everywhere. This day in age, you can use data to your advantage. Please don’t send mail without tracking it. It’s not cool. 


Step 5: Phone Calls Come In – And You’re Tracking Them 

New Mover Campaigns offer a unique call tracking phone number for all mailing campaigns. This tracking number allows you to gather, track and record all incoming phone calls from your direct mail campaign. If you’re not tracking your calls, your not marketing correctly. 

You can use the data you gather from you calls in several different ways. One of our recommendations is to use the recorded calls for sales training. You’re going to need sales reps with all the leads coming in… 

OPTIONAL Step 6 : ADD Facebook and Google Ads

You have the option to add FACEBOOK and GOOGLE targeting to your New Mover Campaigns. 

With our Dope360 Program, you can target your New Movers Online both BEFORE AND AFTER the mail is delivered! 

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