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When you use DOPE Marketing with Service Titan, you get seen more by your customers

DOPE Marketing are big fans of ​utilizing Direct Mail as part of an omnichannel approach, giving you more opportunities to convert a lead into a customer. With DOPE's suite of tools and our integration with ServiceTitan, you put your message in front of the ideal customer at the right time.

Neighborhood Blitz

​Handpick homes or businesses with advanced filters based on your ServiceTitan data

Address BLITZ: Target exact neighbors around any address.

Map BLITZ: Draw and select areas, perfect for upscale ​neighborhoods or gated communities.

Filter BLITZ: Customize based on home value, business type, ​and more.

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B2B Blitz

​Handpick businesses using advanced filters based on your ServiceTitan data and send them laser focused direct mail with NO minimum order

HOT Leads

See exactly who scans your QR codes from your direct mail campaigns. When your customer scans it, you receive a text letting you know!

Automations are the KEY TO SUCCESS with DOPE & ServiceTitan

Any single change be it job status, customer update, payment complete, or any other piece of data in your ServiceTitan account can allow postcards, handwritten notes, or custom goodie boxes to be sent out at NO MINIMUM ORDER.

Put your ServiceTitan CRM to work 24/7 saving you time, money, and eliminating manual effort, with DOPE Automations.

We're all about the data and have a Match Back Report for you

See the direct impact DOPE has on your business. Using your ServiceTitan data we show you exactly how much of an impact DOPE has on growing your business and increasing your revenue.

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Put A Personal Touch On Your Service With Even More Powerful DOPE Features

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Send postcards automatically using your ServiceTitan x DOPE automations and when a customer scans the QR code on it, you will know EXACTLY who scanned it. Now you know exactly who wants your services.

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Send handwritten thank you notes automatically with your ServiceTitan x DOPE automations putting a personal touch on your customer service experience turning clients into advocates for your business.

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People may not open their mail but they will always open a gift box.  Create a deeper relationship with your customers by giving them the VIP treatment with a custom designed goodie box sent automatically based on your ServiceTitan x DOPE automations.

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