Handwritten Mail From DOPE Marketing

A personal touch without lifting a finger. Customer experience is EVERYTHING and putting a personal touch on your customer experience with a handwritten note turns your clients into advocates. DOPE allows you to send custom handwritten direct mail AUTOMATICALLY with NO MINIMUM ORDER.

HOW Handwritten Notes Work

Upload your custom design or choose one from our library of predesigned templates.

Write out your message or choose one from our library of tried and true pre-written messages.

Add it to an automation in DOPE and watch your clients become advocates!

WHY Handwritten Notes Work

When is the last time you got a Handwritten card from a company? Never? That's what we thought.

Producing 10x the open rate of an email Handwritten cards increase interest in your brand, increase conversion, and retain more customers by showing them you personally care. You will stand out from your competition and win a customer for life.

WHAT Can Trigger Sending a Handwritten Note

With DOPE Automations you can send automated Handwritten Notes with NO MINIMUM ORDER based on a status change, job update or any other action in your CRM.

By simply connecting your CRM you can leverage the power of DOPE and your CRM Data to build Handwritten Note campaigns.

A DOPE Strategy For Your Business

Mr. Rogers Playbook: 

What: Automatically send a Handwritten card from your sales rep to the neighbors BEFORE a job starts.

Why: You're building trust with the neighbors through professionalism and courtesy.

Tips: Start small with between 5-15 of the closest neighbors. This strategy pairs well with door knocking.

This strategy creates intimacy and trust in the neighborhoods you're working in helps you sell more jobs all without having to lift a finger.

The DOPE part?


Handwritten Mail Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

We’re available to help answer any questions you may have about your Handwritten Mail campaign, but here are the most common.

  • What font is the handwriting in?

    You can choose from one of our 34 different handwriting styles to convey the right message in the right style on your custom handwritten notes!

  • What does the Handwritten Note look like?

    We have a library of pre-designed cards that you can choose from or you can upload your own design! Want something custom and don't have a design? Our design team can help get make your vision a reality! Custom Handwritten notes can come in either a flat card or folded card style.

  • How often do you send mail?

    We batch the previous days' worth of automations and campaigns at 7:30 a.m. CT, Monday - Friday. In layman's terms: it'll be printed and sent the day after you place the order or the day after the automation is triggered.

  • No minimum order? Really?

    Yes. If you want to send a single handwritten note, we’ll happily process it and get it to the post office by the next business day.

  • Can Handwritten Notes be automated?

    Yes! In the DOPE platform you can build automations to automatically send out a custom handwritten note from any data point in your CRM system!

Need help?

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Take your customer service to the next level by adding your custom Handwritten Note to a custom designed Goodie Box!

Custom Printed Goodie Boxes

Want to make a DOPE impression? Send your clients a custom designed goodie box complete with cookies and a handwritten thank you to jobs over a certain value, jobs in a specific area, or whatever data point you want in your CRM AUTOMATICALLY without you having to lift a finger.

High Quality 6x9 Postcards & Expert Designs

We don’t send those little flimsy 4x6 cards you usually see, our cards are 6x9, double-sided and full color on card stock paper. They're tough, they're beautiful, but most of all they're DOPE. We have proven designs to make sure your campaigns are effective.