DOPE Goodie Boxes

You may not open every piece of mail, but what about every package that comes to your house, do you open that?

With DOPE Goodie Boxes you can send three gourmet cookies with a handwritten note in a custom goodie box designed for your business to make you stand out from the crowd! DOPE Goodie Boxes are about creating deeper relationships with your customers getting more reviews, referrals, and creating a better customer experience by differentiating your company from your competition.

HOW Goodie Boxes Elevate Your Business

Custom designed Goodie Boxes create a deeper connection with your customer by making you unforgettable. They help your business to stand out from the crowd by elevating your customer experience, and they create advocates for your business earning you more business through referrals and reviews.

WHY Goodie Boxes Work

You may not open every piece of mail that gets delivered to your house but you open every package. When's the last time you got a thank you package from a company? Never? That's what we thought. DOPE Goodie Boxes puts your business above the rest with a superior customer service experience!

WHAT Can Trigger Sending a Goodie Box?

Connect your CRM and use DOPE Automations to automatically send Goodie Boxes to clients who spend a certain amount, or when a job closes, or based off of any data point in your CRM that you want!

The DOPE Part?


Connect your CRM to DOPE and automatically send Goodie Boxes without having to lift a finger.

What's In The Box?

Custom branded box

A custom designed box with your logo and your brand colors.



Gourmet cookies

Three gourmet cookies sent to your customers doorstep within 4-10 days in the US. 



Handwritten Card

A handwritten thank you card thanking your customers for their business!

Thank You Card


A DOPE Strategy For You!

Cookie Monster

Connect your CRM to DOPE and using DOPE Automations, set up a Goodie Box automation to send a custom designed Goodie Box with three gourmet cookies and a thank you card inside, base on clients who spend over a certain amount, when a job status updates to close, or whatever data point in your CRM you'd like!

Additionally Cookie Monster sends a customizable Handwritten Note separately allowing you to ask for a review, a referral, or whatever call to action or message you'd like!

Goodie Box Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

We’re available to help answer any questions you may have about your Goodie Box campaign, but here are the most common.

  • What is the Difference between a Goodie Box & Cookie Monster?

    A Goodie Box will include everything listed above under the "What's In The Box" section. Cookie Monster is our Goodie Box Automation Strategy that adds in a customizable Handwritten Note that is sent separately along with the Goodie Box.

  • Will you help me with my Box designs?

    Absolutely. We have a full staff of designers who can take your brand assets and design the custom Goodie Box of your dreams!

  • How often do you send mail?

    We batch the previous days' worth of automations and campaigns at 7:30 a.m. CT, Monday - Friday. In layman's terms: it'll be printed and sent the day after you place the order or the day after the automation is triggered.

  • No minimum order? Really?

    Yes. If you want to send one Goodie Box we’ll happily process it and get it to the post office by the next business day.

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