Neighborhood BLITZ

Send laser-focused direct mail with no minimum order to any neighborhood in your area. Neighborhood Blitz allows you to effortlessly pinpoint the exact homes or businesses you want to reach using postcards or handwritten notes. With neighborhood blitz reaching your target neighborhood has never been easier.


Neighborhood BLITZ allows you to target your perfect customer in multiple ways

Filter by a Radius Around an Address

Neighborhood Blitz allows you to filter by a specific number of homes around an address. Target the nearest 25, 50, 100 or any amount of homes you would like to hit the neighbors of any home you service in your local market.

Once you've handpicked the desired number of addresses, sending them laser focused direct mail is just a few clicks away.

Book more jobs in the neighborhoods you're already working in with Neighborhood Blitz.

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Filter By Household Targeting

Use Neighborhood Blitz targeting to drop a pin or draw a shape and then filter out only the homes you want to target by specific criteria.

Filters include targeting like:

  • Home value
  • Income
  • Year built
  • Length of residence
  • Age of homeowner
  • and more

Set up targeted campaigns to get your brand in front of more of the RIGHT kind of customer in the perfect neighborhood!

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Filter By A Drawing a Shape or Dropping a Pin

Reach your perfect audience by handpicking the precise areas you want to target. Drop a pin or sketch a custom shape around any neighborhood, select the number of addresses you want to reach, and we take care of the rest!

This is perfect for zeroing in on high-end neighborhoods, storm affected areas, specific sections within a town, or exclusive gated communities.

Say goodbye to wasting time and money on sending mail to irrelevant or bad areas with Neighborhood Blitz.

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Neighborhood Blitz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re available to help answer any questions you may have about your Neighborhood Blitz campaigns, but here are the most common.

  • How Many Addresses Can I Select?

    You can select from pre-set amounts of 25, 50, 100, 250, or enter ANY amount you'd like to target!

  • How would I use a custom shape?

    Have a high end neighborhood you want to target? Know of an area was was hit by a storm? Simply click on the map to set the corners of your custom shape and drag it around until it's perfect!

  • How often do you send mail?

    We batch the previous days' worth of automations and campaigns at 7:30 a.m. CT, Monday - Friday. In layman's terms: it'll be printed and sent the day after you place the order or the day after the automation is triggered.

  • No minimum order? Really?

    Yes. If you want to send a single postcard, we’ll happily process it and get it to the post office by the next business day.

Need help?

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What can be sent through Neighborhood Blitz?

We can send postcards, handwritten cards, and custom printed goodie boxes with cookies too! All at NO MINIMUM ORDER!

Thank You Cards
High Quality 6x9 Postcards & Expert Designs

We don’t send those little flimsy 4x6 cards you usually see, our cards are 6x9, double-sided and full color on card stock paper. They're tough, they're beautiful, but most of all they're DOPE. We have proven designs to make sure your HOT Leads campaign is effective.

Handwritten Cards

Add a personal touch to your direct mail with Handwritten card! Integrate your CRM to send automated thank yous to customers when a job status closes, a job is paid, or any data point in your CRM!

Custom Printed Goodie Boxes

Want to make a DOPE impression? Send your clients a custom designed goodie box complete with cookies and a handwritten thank you to jobs over a certain value, jobs in a specific area, or whatever data point you want in your CRM AUTOMATICALLY without you having to lift a finger.