DOPE Goodies

You may not open every piece of mail but what about a package?

Imagine if you could put a box of goodies with your logo on it and a handwritten card saying "Thank You" in your customers hands. DOPE Goodies are about creating relationships with your customers.

STARTING @ $29.99

Custom branded box

A custom box with your logo and brand colors.

Branded box


Gourmet cookies

Fresh cookies sent to your customers doorstep  

Cookie Image


Handwritten Card

A handwritten card saying thanks!




* Delivered in 4 to 10 days anywhere in the US
* Provide tracking so you know when it’s delivered
* Can add hot leads so when someone scans it you receive a text instantly

Why Goodie Boxes?

  1. Creates true intimacy

  2. Is recession-proof marketing

  3. Gives your customers emotions + feelings - a reason to remember you

What we recommend.

  1. Connect your CRM and set a status that when a job hits that status a goodie box goes out.

  2. Take it one step further and create a custom tag in your CRM and only jobs over X amount will be triggered to go out