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Hyper-target your ideal customer with a Neighborhood BLITZ

With Neighborhood Blitz, you can literally draw on a map to select the exact homes that you want to send direct mail to. You can filter by single-family homes, multi-family units, commercial properties, and other filters.

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The two ways to BLITZ
Address BLITZ

You enter an address that you’d like to target around and we’ll find the closest 5, 10, 50, 100 or more neighbors that match that criteria.

Once you pick the number of addresses you want to target, you can send them mail within a few clicks.

Available on ALL paid plans.

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Draw a custom shape around any neighborhood that you’d like to target, and we’ll do the rest!

This is great for targetting your next honey hole or gated areas.

Exclusive to DOPER & DOPEST plans.

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Easy to setup. Easier to run.

Step 1 - Connect your CRM

We establish a connection to your CRM using either a direct integration, API, or web hook connection. 

Step 2 - Upload a design

Add a design to your library. You can use our team and their field-tested designs, or your own if you already know what works best. 

Step 3 - Choose a Trigger

Decide when you want to use this design and how many go out, depending on what you're using them for. 

Sit back and watch the results.

Pro Tip: Automations' effectiveness compound with each automation you have.

Easy CRM Setup copy
BLITZ and DRIP Combo

Once you target your audience, hit them over and over again with your messaging. In marketing, the number of touches matters.

How does it work?
Week 1: Send an intro postcard
Week 2: Send a postcard with more details
Week 3: Send a handwritten letter for a more personalized touch
Week 4: Send another postcard with a special offer
We're here to help.

If you want help, our team is here to assist with strategy, design, and execution.

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Built to bolt-on to any CRM.

Our software knows when you change a status inside of your CRM, enabling us to send postcards, handwritten cards, and cookies with no extra effort.

See if we work with your CRM >
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Frequently Asked Questions
We’re available to help answer any questions you may have, but here are the most common.
Will you help me with my designs?

Absolutely. We have a full-staff of designers who can take your brand assets and marketing goals and apply them to a variety of proven templates we’ve developed for strong direct mail results.

How often do you send mail?

We batch the previous days worth of automations and campaigns at 7:30am CT, Monday - Friday. In layman's terms: it'll be printed and sent the day after you place the order or the day after the automation is triggered.

No minimum order? Really?

Yes. Yes it is. If you want to fire off a single postcard, we’ll happily process that and get it to the post office by the next business day. 

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$1.19 Per Postcard

$4.49 Per Handwritten

$29.99 Box of Cookies (4)

Green Check CRM Automations

Green Check Campaign Consulting
Green Check Direct Mail 
Green Check Address BLITZ
Green Check Tracking #



$0.99 Per Postcard

$3.99 Handwritten Cards

$25.99 Box of Cookies (4)

Green Check Previous plan's perks

Green Check Map BLITZ

Green Check Design Included



$0.89 Per Postcard

$3.49 Handwritten Cards

$22.99 Box of Cookies (4)

Green Check Previous plan's perks

Green Check BLITZ Filters

Green Check Tracking QR

Green Check Admin Seats



$0.69 Per Postcard

$3.29 Handwritten Cards

$19.99 Box of Cookies (4)

Green Check Previous plan's perks

Green Check Early Access

Green Check Custom Templates

Green Check Monthly Data List

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