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Automated Direct Mail From Your CRM - No Minimum Order

DOPE Marketing makes direct mail simple. Send automated postcards from your CRM with no minimum order, based on any trigger or function in your business. Our team will help with every step of the process including Design, Strategy, Automations, Tracking and Delivery, in less than 7 days. Send postcards to one address OR to the address of the neighbors of a job, 100% automated. Sound pretty DOPE? 

D.O.P.E. For Your Business

DOPE stands for Data On Previous Engagement . Our team will help you identify what is currently working in your business and how  you get more of the same results by simply adding automated direct mail to your marketing tool belt. 

Set up laser focused direct mail campaigns that align with your current marketing efforts.  

Neighborhood Blitz is a custom tool that allows you to send laser focused mail to any neighborhood in the US by simply drawing a shape on a map and sending postcards and handwritten mail with no minimum order.  

Automations allow you to connect your CRM or use Zapier with any trigger in your business to send automated follow-ups or automated campaigns to 1 address or the neighbors of an address with no minimum order 

Neighborbhood Blitz - Tile
List Blitz - Tile
Tactical Blitz - Tile


$ 100 /month
  • $1.19 per 6" x 9" Postcard

  • $0.99 per 6" x 9" in Blocks

  • 1 Free Design per Month


$ 250 /month
  • $0.99 per 6" x 9” Postcard

  • $0.79 per 6" x 9" in Blocks

  • 3 Free Designs per Month

  • 10% Off All Print




$ 1000 /month
  • $0.69 per 6" x 9” Postcard

  • $0.59 per 6" x 9" in Blocks

  • 10 Free Designs per Month

  • 20% Off All Print


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