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More Referrals, More Reviews, and More Jobs from the Neighbors of your roofing job.

Does your roofing business need a refresh, but you’re too busy sprucing up homes to spruce up your marketing? You need marketing that brightens up your image without a lot of effort on your part, and you need a company you really love working with.


Imagine if your roofing company set up automation for their CRM and had 25 postcards sent out every time someone got an estimate completed.

Neighborhood Blitz

Wouldn't it be great if your roofing company could target the perfect community where you wanted to provide your services? Dope Marketing can provide that for you!

Handwritten Direct Mail

Dope Marketing's handwritten direct mail is the best solution for roofers who want their customers to feel like they're important and appreciated.

Automated Cookies

Dope Marketing uses technology to make your life easier. Their experts in automation cookies, which help you spend less time on tedious tasks and more of the things that really matter!

Suggested Data

Your roofing company could benefit from our experience in the field. We know what data to collect, how it should be done, and most importantly when you need this information for your business we can get it for you.

Suggested Design

We know how to bring your roofing company's branding out in the spotlight. With our professional design and precise workmanship, we'll help you create an eye-catching roofing company that you always wanted.

New Home Buyers

Do you need new home buyers for your roofing company? If so we got you covered! In this market today, there's a lot of competition. We know how to make your company stand out from others.

Facebook Pixel

You know all those people who come to your site, but never contact? We can help with that. Our team will install a Facebook Pixel  so you're able capture leads as they pass through your website - without asking them!

Here's Are Playbooks

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HolidayLighting_Playbook (1)
DirectMail_Playbook_2 (1)
Step 1

Connect Your CRM

We connect to your CRM system (such as HighLevel, HubSpot, Acculynx, etc.) and use that information to automate any of our postcard, handwritten or gift automations, with no minimum order.

Step 2

Select the Postcards/Handwriting/Gifts You'd Like to Send

Our in-house designers help you create the piece of mail you'd like to send. Postcards, Handwritten Mail and gifts. Pick your customers OR the neighbors of your customers with Automated Follow-Ups and Automated Campaigns.

Step 3

Your Mail is Delivered

Days later, the recipients receive your postcards, Handwritten mail or Gifts in their mailbox, trackable on your DOPE Dashboard.

What's a good roof without a good finish?

Let us do what we do best: make your company look good. We have effective, proven marketing that will elevate your marketing. We're here to get you new clients, keep you current clients happy, and make sure your past clients are your biggest fans. 

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